Agreement with Property Dealer

We at Shammi Bhagat Property Advisor once we will introduce to you a ready and willing purchaser for any properties upon request by you.

1. That in the event of any purchaser or seller is introduced by us who is intersted in buying or selling the said property within the period of 12 months from the date of showcase here of we will be eligible to have a commission of 2% on the money received by sellers from such sale.

2. That the property can be shop, house, plot, showroom, mall, hotel, industrial, agriculture and (apartment) flat

3. That the sale price of the said property will be Rs 20,00,000 or any lesser amount We agree to accept and all costs of transfer to be borne by the purchaser.

4. Commission will accrue by us on the date the final payment of the sale price is made. But in order to oblige us you will make payments as follows: (i) ½ % of the earnest money will be paid to us on the date such payment is made, as refundable advance in the event of the transaction falling through; (ii) 1½ % of the balance on final payment.

5. We shall not be entitled to employ any other agent for procuring the sale of my said house within the said period of 12 Months.

6. After the expiry of the said period of 12 Months this authority shall stand cancelled